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Rider: Rudi Kröll

3/26/2010 - Steve Gruber, Rudi Kröll...
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Tell Ä Vision From the Austrian Masters

The Ästhetiker Crew continues their excellent web-TV series "Tell Ä Vision" with a trip to the Austrian Masters. Click in to see young guns and old dogs kill it. See the video

4/13/2008 - Marc André Tarte, Fredrik Austbø...
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The Tarte Show Episode Five

The 16 Episode Tarte Show will give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes impression of the 2008 Billabong Air & Style. This is episode five. See the video

3/8/2008 - Tyler Chorlton, Rudi Kröll...
Wängl Tängl Qualification Kickers, Heat 1

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