Tacky Snowboard Test - Burton Custom V Rocker 159

Le Glacier 3000, Switzerland, 10/5/2009 by Anthonie de Vries
V rockers, or "banana shapes", are becoming more and more popular. Whether you like it or not is completely individual and some V Rockers and special rocker shapes are better then others.
Board specifications
Length: 159
Type: All mountain
Shape: Directional
Base: Sintered WFO N2O
Technical Features:
V Rocker, Superfly 2, Dualzone Egde, Lightning Bolts, Sintered WFO N2O, Carbon 2, Beam & Protip, Infinite Ride

Test results
Flex/Stifness 1-10 (1 is flexible, 10 is stiff)
The Custom is pretty stiff, but the Custom V rocker has a bit softer feel and the V rocker makes it softer as well.

Pop 1-10

The V rockers does make it weird to pop. It feels like you are popping from a whole different part of the board. This takes a while to get used to.

Terrain 1-10(1 not suited, 10 very suited)
Rails - 6
Kicker - 8
Slopes - 8
Made for the whole mountain and with the super technical base this board can go very, very fast. The rocker can be weird when you are carving on the slopes.

Not a really appealing topsheet with with a dark tone and a bright orange patch, two little details which you will see from up close. The base is pretty basic with CUSTOM written across.

Technical features
The big new thing is of course the V Rocker. We did have a lot of trouble to get used to the rocker on the Burton Custom. It is not as easy as on other boards and some testers liked the normal custom better then the V rocker.

Custom is the board with all the extras. Add the V Rocker with that and you have a very good board at your feet.

Custom rocks! If you can get used to the rocker you feel safe and comfortable directly!

Maybe the hardest rocker to get used to.

Who would like this board? Level 1-10

No fooling around on this deck.

For riders who want to get a perfect freestyle weapon in all kind of situations and conditions throughout the whole season.

Happiness Factor 1-10 (How much did our testers like the board?)

Tackyworld Board test
This test is based on the results of our test in Le Glacier 3000. The boards are tested in the park and on the slopes of Le Glacier 3000. Our testers are from all over Europa with some very good French and Swiss riders. Find out more about the different boards or riders with the links below.

Tested boards so far:
Capita Stairmaster Extreme
Nitro Eero Ettala 157
Yes 156.5
Forum The Helm 158
Rome Pusher 153
Nitro Cheryl Maas 149
DC HKD 158
K2 Airdu 151
Ride Machete 160
Völkl Vice SQD
Nitro Team Series 159 Gullwing
Burton Fix 155

Rider profiles:
Damien Rousse
Stéphanie Steiman
Julien Lacor

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