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5/30/2013 - Ryan Sheckler
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Etnies - Ryan Sheckler "Fifteen Years Strong"

Fifteen Years is a long time to be commited to anything... especially a skateboard sponsor. But that is how long Ryan Sheckler has been rockin' Etnies. Literally his entire skateboard career. Check out this cool retrospect of the years. See the video

5/30/2013 - Sewa Kroetkov
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Venture Sewa Kroetkov "Always on the Grind"

Sewa has a new commercial with some insane trick combos. 3 trick mannys? Damn. Speaking of which... Make sure to check out the new Blind video "Damn..." now available on iTunes. See the video

5/29/2013 - Justin Strubing, Ishod Wair...
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Ishod Wair, Justin Strubing, Trevor Colden skate perfect driveway park

It was a perfect sunny afternoon in Florida for a good crew to have some beers, food, and of course ripping skate session on an amazing driveway skatepark. Ishod Wair, Trevor Colden, Jordan Hofffart and Justin Strubbing all got a piece of the action. See the video

5/29/2013 - Lucas Puig
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Cliche x Adidas Lucas Puig

Adidas footwear and Cliche skateboards have come up with some new colors for their collab decks with team rider Lucas Puig. Lucas filmed this fun banging promo in the streets. When you're watching, remember that Lucas is regular stance. See the video

5/29/2013 - Neen Williams
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The Deathwish Video "Kill Tapes" with Neen Williams

Neen Williams has so much leftover footage from The Deathwish video that leaving them in the closet is actually a sin. Check out basically another part of him full of hammers. You won't be disappointed. See the video

5/28/2013 - Woody Hoogendijk, Ramsy Saïdi
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Woody Hoogendijk at Flesh and Bones park

Woody kills the amazing Flesh and Bones skatepark in The Netherlands with creative hits across the park, smooth relaxed style and big pop. Makes it look really fun to cruise that place. See the video

5/26/2013 - Oscar Widenby
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Oscar Widenby - Indoor montage 2013

When it's freezing outside during the winter, the best thing you could ask for is an awesome indoor park to keep your skills fresh. Well luckily Oscar has a local park to keep skating year round despite the weather. Check out his indoor moves here. See the video

5/26/2013 - Woody Hoogendijk, Douwe Macare...
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Far'n High 2013 Finals video

Here is a final wrap up video for the 2013 Far n' High contest. A bunch of good skating, amazing tricks on the dope course. Enjoy and make sure to try and stop by next year... it's definitely a contest you don't want to miss. See the video

5/26/2013 - Ryo Sejiri
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Ryo Sejiri Wins Far'n High 2013

Straight outta Japan, Ryo Sejiri came out to Europe to put a hurtin' on the Far n' High course. And that's exactly what he did. Using the whole course, insane consistency, and ending it with an amazing switch flip to fs boardslide down the handrail. See the video

5/26/2013 - Hermann Stene, Tim Zom...
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Far n' High 2013 Qualifications video

Here are some highlight clips from the Far n' High Qualifications in Paris. All of the dudes were going big in hopes of making it to Sunday. See the video