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Rider: David Gonzalez

7/11/2012 - Bastien Salabanzi, David Gonzalez...
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Street League 2012 Stop 3 Arizona Teaser

This weekend is already the third stop of the Street League contest series. Both times it was Nyjah Huston won the past events. Will he pull a hat trick, or is it time for someone else to be on top pedestal. See the video

4/24/2011 - David Gonzalez, Louie Lopez...
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Woodward Spring Camp

The Flip and Tribute teams hung out for the week at Spring Camp at Woodward West. Plus ripping footage from campers and staff. See the video

8/12/2010 - Chris Pfanner, Justin Brock...
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Maloof Saturday Qualifiers

Making it to the finals at the Maloof Money Cup is tough, so all the Pros were pulling no strings during the Saturday Qualifiers. See the video

6/24/2010 - Chris Pfanner, David Gonzalez...
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Thrasher "Burning of the Witch" best trick contest

To kick off Copenhagen Pro weekend, Thrasher and Volcom threw a best trick competition on the water at the Amager Strandpark in Denmark. See the video

11/6/2008 - David Gonzalez, Jake Duncombe...
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United by Fate 4

Globe's United by Fate series is now up to episode four and this time the main skater in focus is Greg Lutzka. Check out him, Appleyard, Haslam and all the others in the full episode right here. See the video

10/14/2008 - Rune Glifberg, David Gonzalez...
Flip Feast Southwest Tour Promo

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8/27/2008 - Alain Goikoetxea, David Gonzalez...
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The Volcom Tranny Tour

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4/5/2008 - Adam Dyet, David Gonzalez...
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Slaugther at the Opera

On the first of March Globe and Thrasher got together at the beautiful Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Check out some of the insane hammers here. See the video

3/12/2008 - David Gonzalez, Jake Duncombe...
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United by Fate 3

The mystery with the black van is coming to a close. Or is it? The only way to find out is to check out Episode 3 of Globe's high quality UBF series. See the video

12/11/2007 - David Gonzalez, Mark Appleyard...
Flip West Coast Feast Tour - Medford

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