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Rider: Alex Olson

11/27/2012 - Brian Anderson, Mike Mo Capaldi...
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Girl Films & Chocolate Cinema - Pretty Sweet Trailer

Girl and Chocolate have several of the best skate videos of all time. Their most recent "Pretty Sweet" just premiered last week in downtown LA, and is currently on a world premiere tour and is available for download on iTunes. See the video

6/10/2011 - Justin Brock, Bobby Worrest...
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Huf Summer 2011 Lookbook

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4/10/2011 - Alex Olson
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Alex Olson - CPH PRO trailer #2

The fifth annual CPH Pro event is coming up again. This year will be even better if all the previous years so this will be promising! Check out this trailer # 2 See the video

9/21/2010 - Brian Anderson, Billy Marks...
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Downtown Showdown 2010 promo

The Downtown Showdown at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California is coming up next week. Once again some of the top teams in skateboarding will battle it out on 4 unique obstacles. See the video

4/3/2010 - Brian Anderson, Eric Koston...
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Girl Outbackwards Tour part one

Girl Skateboards recently went on tour to Australia, but first they stopped off for some skating in Auckland, New Zealand. See the video

11/24/2009 - Bastien Salabanzi, Travis Rice...
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Tony Hawk Quiksilver Party

What an amazing venue to throw a skateboard event. Le Grand Palais in Paris France is gorgeous, and was bombarded with dope skating. Some heavy hitters, like Alex Olsen came out to skate with Tony Hawk at Quicksilver's 40th anniversary party. See the video

10/1/2009 - Brian Anderson, Sean Malto...
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China Banks and Creature Obstacle video

Here is the final video from Vans Downtown Showdown. It is of the mini China Banks designed by Girl Skateboards and the quarterpipe creation by Creature Skateboards. See the video

3/31/2009 - Alain Goikoetxea, Alex Olson...
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Independent 30th Anniversary Tour - Spain #3

Bilbao must have one of the most scenic skateparks in Europe. See Stu Graham, Alex Olson, Alain and the others shred it to pieces. See the video

3/27/2009 - Mike Mo Capaldi, Eric Koston...
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Unkle - Heaven

Check out the video for Unkle's new song "Heaven", directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. Mike Mo, Koston, Marc Johnson and the others feature too, in this re-edit of the Fully Flare intro. See the video

3/24/2009 - Alex Olson, Peter Hewitt ...
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Independent 30th Anniversary Tour - Spain

Our extensive coverage of the Indy tour continues. In this clip you'll see father and son Steve and Alex Olson shred a bowl. See the video