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Rider: Fabian Verhaeghe

7/11/2010 - Louie Lopez, Steffen Austerheim...
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AmsterDamn Am Day One

A LOT of sick skating went down on the first day of competition today in The Netherlands. See the video

5/25/2009 - Fabian Verhaeghe, Denny Pham...
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Circa Europe in Amsterdam

Some of the riders on the European Circa team recently held a demo at the skatepark of Amsterdam in Holland. Check out Denny Pham and the others as they shred it very well. See the video

3/26/2009 - Rene Villumsen, Fabian Verhaeghe...
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C1RCA Russian Summer Tour 2008

Why is Russia one of the most underrated countries in the world? Because it's got some of the hottest girls and best skate spots, that's why. Here is a brand new full 20 minute tour video with the C1rca team. See the video

2/19/2009 - Adam Dyet, Jereme Rogers...
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The Simpel Session TV Show

Our coverage from the 2009 Simpel Session goes out with a bang with a 12 minute TV show filled with girls, parties and crazy skating. See the video

2/9/2009 - Jereme Rogers, Malcolm Watson...
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The 2009 Simple Session Footage

You didn't have a chance to catch the live webcast right here on Tacky of the 2009 Simpel Session a few weeks ago? Don't worry, here is the full highlights montage. See the video

1/29/2009 - Fries Taillieu, Fabian Verhaeghe...
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Moscow's Best Kept Secret?

Who? What? Where? See the video

5/5/2008 - Peter Molec, Axel Cruysberghs...
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Peter, Fabian and Axel's Shreds Belgium

Volcom Euro team riders Peter Molec, Fabian Verhaeghe and Axel Cruysberghs recently did some filming in Belgium. This is the great follow up clip to "30 Seconds with Axel". Video by TM Hans Claessens. See the video

10/9/2007 - Kevin Tshala, Nelson Mosikili...
Circa Shop Team Battle 2007

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