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Rider: Fabian Verhaeghe

6/26/2012 - Kevin Tshala, Sewa Kroetkov...
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The Osiris Experience Skatepark Amsterdam

Last weekend was The Osiris Experience,a contest with invited skateboarders from all over the world. It was a mix of ripping skating, good food, and good company including the international Pro Osiris team. See the video

3/12/2012 - Chris Pfanner, Peter Molec...
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Volcom Europe Summer Tour Berlin/Prague

Here's the last segment of the Volcom Summer Tour. This time they go to Berlin and Prague. Check out the hammers along the way by Collin Provost, Nassim Guammaz, David Gravette, Chris Pfanner and more! See the video

2/26/2012 - Chris Pfanner, Peter Molec...
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Volcom Europe Summer Tour - Belgium

After Malmö and Copenhagen, the Volcom team continued to travel the roads of Europe in search of fun and skate spots. Mission accomplished in Belgium with David Gravette, Chris Pfanner and more blazin' the path. See the video

10/12/2011 - Kevin Tshala, Michal Mazur...
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Vans Shop Riot 2011 Best Trick Video

This best trick contest pushed the level and turned up the heat! For the 2011 edition of the Shop Riot Vans, they chose to reward the best trick on the wall, rail and hubba ... And the winners are: See the video

8/26/2011 - Tim Zom, Axel Cruysberghs...
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ASC 2011 Day 2 Qualification

Antwerp Skate Contest qualifiers were going off, there are the highlights from the long day of skating in the sun. See the video

7/7/2011 - Douwe Macare, Nassim Guammaz...
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Volcom Amsterdamn Am 2011 Video

Watch this nice video of Roeland Bentvelzen over the Volcom Amsterdamn Am 2011! See the video

5/3/2011 - Fabian Verhaeghe
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Battle Of The Bits - Fabian Verhaeghe

Battle Of The Bits just launched, and the first part goes Fabian Verhaeghe and is full of hammers! See the video

9/2/2010 - Kevin Tshala, Tim Zom...
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Antwerp Skate Contest 2010 Montage #2

Here is the second montage from the Belgian skateboard contest in Antwerp. There is a nice collection of shots that show the overall vibe of the skaters and spectators. See the video

8/26/2010 - Kevin Tshala, Tim Zom...
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Antwerp Skate Contest Day One

Antwerp skate contest is one of the biggest contests in Belgium. The weather was nice this year, and everyone had a good time on the course and at the parties. See the video

8/17/2010 - Jarne Verbruggen, Rachid Addou...
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Basel ESC Impressions

Willem Vleugels gives us a nice look back at the 10th Annual European Skateboard Championships in Basel Switzerland with this high quality montage of his "impressions" during the weekend. See the video