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10/8/2013 - Sean Malto, Shawn Hale...
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A night in Kansas City with Shawn Hale

Shawn went Kansas City, Missouri, and got to skate at Sean Malto's private training facility with a few friends. Hale kills in on the street course, then shuts it down on the perfect mini ramp with some insane lines. Even Malto makes a camo. See the video

9/11/2013 - Peter Molec, Youness Amrani...
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Skullcandy Skate Euro Trip Episode 1

Watch as Youness, Trevor Colden, Axel Cruysberghs and more rip through Holland and Germany, skating the streets and parks. See the video

7/11/2013 - Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez...
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Flashback Friday: P Rod, Ishod Wair Nike Demo Berlin

For this Flashback Friday we go back a few years to when Nike was on the road in Europe on their "Bird is the Word" tour. All the heavy hitters were on it, including Eric Koston, Cory Kennedy, P Rod and Ishod. This is from their stop at BRIGHT. See the video

4/15/2013 - Eric Koston
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Copenhagen Pro with Eric Koston

The hottest contest in the European world of skateboarding is coming... Copenhagen Pro 2013! Koston is never one to be afraid of saying his true feelings. Here are some rants he has about the event. See the video

3/19/2013 - Eric Koston, Stefan Janoski...
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Nike Skateboarding Presents Tampa Pro 2013

22-24 March is the dates for Tampa Pro. Nike has a nice promo for the event with interviews and footage from past Tampa Pro's. Check it out to get hyped, and remember if you can't make it to Tampa, it's going to be Live. See the video

12/2/2012 - Youness Amrani, Evan Smith
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Nike Tampa Am 2012

Tampa AM is this weekend! Check out the teaser that Nike put out for it. See the video

11/27/2012 - Brian Anderson, Mike Mo Capaldi...
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Girl Films & Chocolate Cinema - Pretty Sweet Trailer

Girl and Chocolate have several of the best skate videos of all time. Their most recent "Pretty Sweet" just premiered last week in downtown LA, and is currently on a world premiere tour and is available for download on iTunes. See the video

11/14/2012 - Eric Koston, Theotis Beasley
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"Theo's Euro Snaps" Episode #1 - Barcelona

Watch the first episode of "Theo's Euro Snaps" with Theotis and Koston in Barcelona! See the video

11/8/2012 - Eric Koston, Theotis Beasley
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Theos Euro Snaps Trailer

The Skullcandy team riders Eric Koston & Theotis Beasley traveled through Europe this summer for amazing skate mission and team demos. Their journey included stopping in Copenhagen, Barcelona and Paris. Here is short funny trailer for the 3 part series. See the video

11/8/2012 - Paul Rodriquez, Theotis Beasley...
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Lil' Wayne on Mountain Dew?

The Mountain Dew skate team was an idea created by Paul Rodriguez and Mountain Dew. In this video, the team are at the San Francisco stop of the Dew tour, and Paul explains the background of the project he helped start 5 years ago. See the video

11/8/2012 - Eric Koston, Tony Trujillo...
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Flashback Friday - Beauty and the Beast Malmo Demo

The Girl and Anti Hero teams went headed to Europe on their 3rd Annual Beauty and the Beast Tour 2010. After a stop at Copenhagen Pro, then made the quick hop over to Malmo, Sweden to do a demo. See the video

10/1/2012 - Paul Rodriguez, Daryl Angel...
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Luan Oliveira welcomes Paul Rodriguez and Nike Skateboarding to Brazil

The Nike dudes hop a flight from the US and cruise down to beautiful Brazil to meet up with newest Nike rider, Luan Oliveria, to do some demos and hit a couple street spots. See the video

9/19/2012 - Korahn Gayle , Tim Zom...
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Nike Skateboarding Bay Sixty 6 Re-Opening

The whole international Nike team was in London last weekend to celebrate the new Bay Sixty 6 skatepark, which was completely redesigned after having the same ramps for almost a decade. Sean Malto, Tim Zom, Justin Brock, Theotis Beasley and more. See the video

9/18/2012 - Wieger Van Wageningen , Joey Brezinski...
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Summer 2012 Skate Reel

Our editor Colin Clark had a busy summer traveling and filming events, and he composed a collection of some of his favorite clips from the past 6 months. See the video

9/11/2012 - Wieger Van Wageningen
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Nike Skateboarding Bay Sixty 6 skatepark reopens

The infamous Bay Sixty 6 skatepark in London finally got a well needed make-over thanks to Nike. The newly designed skatepark will be opening September 15th to the public, and will host a high profile demo by the Nike international team. See the video

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Kaleidoscope welcomes Daniel Grönwall video

Style to be jealous of, Daniel is a great addition to the Kaleidoscope team. He has an eye for grace, and the video does a great job of highlighting his talents with some amazing details. See the video

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Joakim Johansson Flatground skating

Flatground is one of the most basic and purest forms of skateboarding. There is a such a rare strength to just cruising on a smooth spot and clacking the tail. Joakim has a great little session in Sweden of some awesome flatground lines. See the video

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"Light Goes On" video by Darren Pearson

A video that deserves a watch, especially with Halloween theme to it, is a insanely creative "light-painting" project" by Darren Pearson. Amazing job! Read more

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Unit B Fundraiser

The DYI skatepark, music venue, and hangout spot "Unit B" in Orange County California was shut down in June and local crew is working together to get it running again. Read more about the project and how you can help. Read more

Photo collection
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New Brixton clothing collection

The new lookbook from one of our favorite brands in the last few years, Brixton is out and the gear looks promising. The collection is called Holiday Home and includes colder weather clothing and accessories. See the photo collection

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"The Sect" - Polar x Grey Area video

We have previously saw Danijel Stankovics part in the Polish film Grey Area, now you can check a collab part with Polar in the short film is called "The Sect" from the master minds of Hjallti Halberg and Pontus Alv. Read more