Footage from Helsinki Hookup

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9/19/2013 - Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez...
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Primitive Apparel Back To School Remix Edit

Primitive takes it back to the basics with a full montage of school skating on benches and ledges, but there is nothing basic about the tricks Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill, Nick Tucker and more do on these classic obstacles. See the video

7/18/2013 - Chris Haslam, Kyle Berard
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Chris Haslam, Kyle Berard, Skateboard History at Smithsonian

In honor of Go Skateboarding Day, IASC and the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. held Innoskate, an all day event in front of the US History museum to inform and promote the culture of skateboarding. Chris and Kyle were there ripping on the ramp. See the video

5/6/2013 - Nick Tucker
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Nick Tucker Insane manny

Damn... Nick Tucker has the tech tricks on locks, with the smoothest style. This insane switch inward heel manny switch heel out went down in a few tricks, and won Nick second place at the Primitive x Andale Bearings manny contest this weekend. See the video

5/6/2013 - Madars Apse
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Madars Apse "Back to the Streets"

Madars is reminding you to check into the DC Back to the Streets event in Poland this weekend May 10-12. See the video

4/23/2013 - Wes Kremer
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Yes On Wes! Join the movement to legalize Wes kremer's new pro model shoe, the Wes Kremer Pro! Don't let the man hold him down. See the video

4/15/2013 - Chris Haslam, Mat Howell...
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Chris Haslam "Into The Thicket" Short Film

Chris Haslam went into the woods to get back to his roots to go and unwind, his plan backfired and found this mini ramp and therefore decided but to shred. This you do not want to miss! See the video

3/20/2013 - Samu Karvonen, Eniz Fazilov
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Lamina Crew March 2013

The Lamina crew out of Finland has an awesome well put together edit of March, in a sick indoor park. Eniz Fazilov, Samu Karvonen and more rip it up inside, while it's dead of winter outside. See the video

2/3/2013 - Peter Molec, Nassim Guammaz...
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Volcom Europe Slovakian tour

Holy Shit, Volcom Europe put a hurt on Slovakia during their summer tour. The spots look AMAZING the dudes shredded them all. Watch the team crush the streets as a whole. See the video

1/22/2013 - Youness Amrani, Chris Haslam...
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Almost Demo Utrecht

The Almost team is heading across Europe right now, and just had a heated session at the amazing indoor park in Utrecht, with a little help from the local rippers. See the video

1/18/2013 - Youness Amrani, Chris Haslam...
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Almost Demo Skatehalle Berlin

The first stop of the European Almost Impact tour yesterday was amazing. Youness Amrani, Chris Haslam, Willow and Daryl Dominguez killed the whole park! See the video

1/7/2013 - Chris Haslam, Todd Meyers...
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Sitka - "Into the Thicket" Trailer

In the new "Into the thicket" video from Sitka, the forest draws Chris Haslam with some friends from Vancouver where there is an amazing mini ramp built in the middle of the trees. Is this the next "Cheese and Crackers"? Find out soon. See the video

1/7/2013 - Alain Goikoetxea, Javier Sarmiento...
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SK8MAFIA Saturday BEST OF 2012

Your favorite San Diego skaters and beyond skate put together their favorite clips from the previous year in this highlights reel. See the video

11/3/2012 - Albert Nyberg, Jose Rojo...
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Cherry Park Demo

Cherry Park in Long Beach received a little make over with a new marble ledge, and some of the Etnies dudes and friends came to check it out. See the video

11/1/2012 - Bryan Herman, Leo Romero...
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Flashback Friday - Emerica Demo at BRIGHT Tradeshow 2011

The Emerica team made a stop in Berlin for BRIGHT Tradeshow and to skate their newly designed park. Everyone was there from The Boss, to Herman, and half the team was supporting a new "Euro" hair do. See the video

10/28/2012 - Chris Haslam
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Sitka Welcomes Chris Haslam

One of the most creative skateboarders out there, Canadian Chris Haslam, now rides for Sitka and they released this short intro video to commemorate it. See the video

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Kaleidoscope welcomes Daniel Grönwall video

Style to be jealous of, Daniel is a great addition to the Kaleidoscope team. He has an eye for grace, and the video does a great job of highlighting his talents with some amazing details. See the video

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Joakim Johansson Flatground skating

Flatground is one of the most basic and purest forms of skateboarding. There is a such a rare strength to just cruising on a smooth spot and clacking the tail. Joakim has a great little session in Sweden of some awesome flatground lines. See the video

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"Light Goes On" video by Darren Pearson

A video that deserves a watch, especially with Halloween theme to it, is a insanely creative "light-painting" project" by Darren Pearson. Amazing job! Read more

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Unit B Fundraiser

The DYI skatepark, music venue, and hangout spot "Unit B" in Orange County California was shut down in June and local crew is working together to get it running again. Read more about the project and how you can help. Read more

Photo collection
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New Brixton clothing collection

The new lookbook from one of our favorite brands in the last few years, Brixton is out and the gear looks promising. The collection is called Holiday Home and includes colder weather clothing and accessories. See the photo collection

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"The Sect" - Polar x Grey Area video

We have previously saw Danijel Stankovics part in the Polish film Grey Area, now you can check a collab part with Polar in the short film is called "The Sect" from the master minds of Hjallti Halberg and Pontus Alv. Read more