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6/4/2013 - Albert Nyberg
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Albert Nyberg Real Street X Games

The X Games "Real Street" contest is going on right now. You can go to the X Games website, watch all the riders and vote for your favorite out of the 16 pros. Our pick is Swedish ripper Albert Nyberg. See the video

11/3/2012 - Albert Nyberg, Jose Rojo...
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Cherry Park Demo

Cherry Park in Long Beach received a little make over with a new marble ledge, and some of the Etnies dudes and friends came to check it out. See the video

6/27/2012 - Jonas Skrøder, Mika Edin...
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Skate at Liseberg Montage

Its time to check out a sick montage of both skate and carousel rides from Skate at Liseberg, which was earlier this summer. Presented by with Liseberg, Junkyard, Comviq and Returpack. See the video

4/18/2012 - Bastien Salabanzi, Chris Oliver...
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Street League @ DC embassy teaser

Street League is allowing Europeans to compete... here's the teaser. See the video

2/6/2012 - Jonas Skrøder, Johan Foppa Forsberg...
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Perus X Sweet - Scandinavian Tour

The Finnish and Swedish crews, Perus & Sweet Skateboards made ​​a trip through Scandinavia. The journey includes searching for a places to crash, brews and of course lots of skateboarding. See the video

10/8/2011 - Albert Nyberg, Jean-Marc Soulet
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Burn Welcomes: Albert Nyberg & Jean-Marc Soulet

It's a great pleasure to introduce two of the newest additions to the Burn Nordic pro skate team; although you probably already know these guys... because they have been killing. See the video

7/28/2011 - Joel Svärd, Kristoffer Hallgren...
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Sweet in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Europe at the moment. With great spots, good bands, sick art, and beers on the street, it's not really a surprise. The Sweet skateboards team recently visited and made this edit. See the video

7/20/2011 - Jonas Skrøder, Kristoffer Hallgren...
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Sweet Skateboards - Sour

Sour is the follow up to last years Sweet ´n´ Sour video and shows what happens when you you put together what the team filmed mixed up with a bunch of new and old footage. It´s also includes the debut part from our new teamrider Nisse Ingemarsson. See the video

5/25/2011 - Benny Fairfax, Love Eneroth...
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Adidas-Demo in Humlan

Yesterday Adidas held a demo with both Swedish and International riders. With riders like Mika Edin, Günes Özdogan, Benny Fairfax and Pete Eldridge, it was a good crew. See the video

4/25/2011 - Albert Nyberg
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Albert Nyberg Leftovers California trip

Albert was on Battle of the Berrics IV and filming for other projects while visiting California this year. Here are some of the extra clips that didn't make it into the upcoming Newsoul Video. See the video

3/31/2011 - Albert Nyberg
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Etnies Welcomes Abbe Nyberg

With one of the most unique bags of tricks ever, Abbe has been turning heads for a while now. Etnies Europe has decided to help out his feet and welcomes him to the team with this video. See the video

2/8/2011 - Mika Edin
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Mika Part Wesc

Wow, stoked on this footage of Mika Edin. The switch bs no comply and long switch bs tail were so sick. See the video

1/30/2011 - Albert Nyberg
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Abbe Nyberg in the park

Half cab flip to bs smith? This new park footage from Abbe is definitely worth a watch. Can't wait till summer comes back to see what he has for the streets this year. See the video

12/10/2010 - Albert Nyberg, Rachid Addou...
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Etnies Weekend Trip #2 Video

A lot of snow, indoor parks, and great skateboarding in this Etnies Europe montage. See the video

11/21/2010 - Albert Nyberg, Filip Almqvist...
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Newsoul Mini-tour video

The Swedish Newsoul team recently went away on a mini tour to Stockholm, Bollnäs, Söderhamn and Borlänge in Sweden. Abbe took the world by storm with the earlier promo video for Newsoul, will he do this again with this video? See the video

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Kaleidoscope welcomes Daniel Grönwall video

Style to be jealous of, Daniel is a great addition to the Kaleidoscope team. He has an eye for grace, and the video does a great job of highlighting his talents with some amazing details. See the video

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Joakim Johansson Flatground skating

Flatground is one of the most basic and purest forms of skateboarding. There is a such a rare strength to just cruising on a smooth spot and clacking the tail. Joakim has a great little session in Sweden of some awesome flatground lines. See the video

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"Light Goes On" video by Darren Pearson

A video that deserves a watch, especially with Halloween theme to it, is a insanely creative "light-painting" project" by Darren Pearson. Amazing job! Read more

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Unit B Fundraiser

The DYI skatepark, music venue, and hangout spot "Unit B" in Orange County California was shut down in June and local crew is working together to get it running again. Read more about the project and how you can help. Read more

Photo collection
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New Brixton clothing collection

The new lookbook from one of our favorite brands in the last few years, Brixton is out and the gear looks promising. The collection is called Holiday Home and includes colder weather clothing and accessories. See the photo collection

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"The Sect" - Polar x Grey Area video

We have previously saw Danijel Stankovics part in the Polish film Grey Area, now you can check a collab part with Polar in the short film is called "The Sect" from the master minds of Hjallti Halberg and Pontus Alv. Read more