Boardexpo Mini-Ramp Session

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7/7/2012 - Youness Amrani, Hermann Stene...
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Amsterdamn Am 2012 Qualifiers Video

Yesterday was the first day of Qualifiers at 7th Annual AmsterDamn Am, and you already saw the photos, so now check out the action in the video. See the video

7/6/2012 - Youness Amrani, Hermann Stene...
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AmsterDamn Am Finals Video

The skating in Amsterdam was amazing this afternoon during the finals for the 7th annual AmsterDamn Am. You saw Axel's winning run, now check out some clips from all the other skaters. See the video

8/25/2011 - Rob Maatman, Helder Lima...
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Emerica Europe Hanging with Helder

From Emerica comes a really well shot and edited piece of European skateboarding. Featuring Helder Lima, Rob Maatman and other friends. See the video

8/4/2011 - Thomas Nielsen, Pontus Alv...
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Emerica Europe DVD Bunus

Before the arrival of the Emerica Europe video, here is the Euro bonus section of Stay Gold featuring Eniz Fazliov, Rob Maatman, Helder Lima, Pontus Alv, Vladik Scholz & Euro flow riders Thomas Nielsen, and Henrique Goncalves. ante Aiello. See the video

5/22/2011 - Eniz Fazliov
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Eniz Fazilov Edit

One of our favorite skaters from Finland, Volcom and Alien Workshop rider Eniz, has a sick new video of half San Francisco's Potrero park, and the other half tearing it up in the streets. See the video

11/22/2010 - Simo Mäkelä, Pete Ruikka...
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Finnish Nike SB team tries out Zoom FP shoe

The new Zoom FP shoe is put to the test at the Helsinki indoor skatepark by the Finnish SB team. See the video

9/5/2010 - Michael Sommer, Chris Haslam...
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Footage from Helsinki Hookup

Last week there was the highlight of the year for Finnish skateboarding – the Helsinki Hookup. The event brought together skaters from U.S, all over Europe and Finland to skate together and compete in the in a fun exciting contest. See the video

5/24/2010 - Simo Mäkelä, Pete Ruikka...
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Nike in .DK and .SE

The very talented riders on the Finnish Nike SB team recently took a trip to their Nordic neighbours in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden. Here is the result. See the video

1/12/2010 - Kevin Tshala, Fredrik Stangeland...
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Travel Montage from "Without Exit"

"Without Exit" was filmed across Europe traveling through 14 countries. Here is a montage of some of the best spots, and even a couple skaters you might recognize. See the video

12/10/2009 - Rob Maatman, Jo Lorenz...
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Young EUmericans in Italy

A couple of months ago the Emerica Europe team went to Italy for a tour. Watch guys like Eniz Fazilov, Helder Lima, Rob Maatman and more in this video. See the video

10/29/2009 - Rob Maatman, Felipe Gustavo...
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Damn Am Semi Finals video

There are some Euro dudes ripping in this semi-finals footage from Costa Mesa. See the video

4/14/2009 - Pete Ruikka, Samu Karvonen
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Samu Karvonen Escapes the Cold

What does Tacky's Finnish skate editor do during his country's harsh winter? He shreds his local indoor park to pieces. Check this clip for proof. See the video

3/2/2009 - Pete Ruikka, Samu Karvonen...
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Mallorca Check Out

Does the Spanish island of Mallorca have anything worth skating? Samu Karvonen and some of his friends travelled from the cold Finland to find out. Apparently it does indeed! See the video

2/19/2009 - Adam Dyet, Jereme Rogers...
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The Simpel Session TV Show

Our coverage from the 2009 Simpel Session goes out with a bang with a 12 minute TV show filled with girls, parties and crazy skating. See the video

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Kaleidoscope welcomes Daniel Grönwall video

Style to be jealous of, Daniel is a great addition to the Kaleidoscope team. He has an eye for grace, and the video does a great job of highlighting his talents with some amazing details. See the video

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Joakim Johansson Flatground skating

Flatground is one of the most basic and purest forms of skateboarding. There is a such a rare strength to just cruising on a smooth spot and clacking the tail. Joakim has a great little session in Sweden of some awesome flatground lines. See the video

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"Light Goes On" video by Darren Pearson

A video that deserves a watch, especially with Halloween theme to it, is a insanely creative "light-painting" project" by Darren Pearson. Amazing job! Read more

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Unit B Fundraiser

The DYI skatepark, music venue, and hangout spot "Unit B" in Orange County California was shut down in June and local crew is working together to get it running again. Read more about the project and how you can help. Read more

Photo collection
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New Brixton clothing collection

The new lookbook from one of our favorite brands in the last few years, Brixton is out and the gear looks promising. The collection is called Holiday Home and includes colder weather clothing and accessories. See the photo collection

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"The Sect" - Polar x Grey Area video

We have previously saw Danijel Stankovics part in the Polish film Grey Area, now you can check a collab part with Polar in the short film is called "The Sect" from the master minds of Hjallti Halberg and Pontus Alv. Read more