Mike Carroll on Fully Flared

London, England, 11/20/2007 by Niall Kenny
After years in the making, Fully Flared has finally premiered. Mike Carroll was in attendance at the European premiere in London, and Tacky sat down with him the day after the screening to find out about his thoughts on the film.
So Mike, how’s your trip to London going?
Yeah, it's good, it's nice and cold, I wish I would have brought warmer clothes.

Nice and wet for you.
I like the weather. I just wish I had dressed a little more accordingly.

So now the video’s done and dusted is there a bit of relief for you?
Ummm, yeah really relieving. I’m psyched for a lot of the guys that had a good part.. I think where it was a year ago to where it is right now is a bit relief.

And how many years in total did it take to make?
About four.

Did you think that when you started it would take that long?
Well at least two years. Different people got on the team along the way and different people got hurt, there are lots of things. Like everyone can't always be on the same level at the same time. It could be just one guy getting stuff you know. But yeah I’m psyched, can’t wait to go skating with some of the guys and have some fun and not think I should be filming. Just to feel free to skate.

So out of all the places filming for Fully Flared took you, where would you say is your favourite?
Umm, obviously Barcelona’s always a good time.

That’s what Biebel said actually when I asked him.
Yeah, you’re always skating, you’re not just sitting in a bar. You also get to Know the board a lot, pushing around the street and ollieing up curbs, then you get to a skate spot and keep Skating. It’s definitely one of those places that will always be an option for me.

Yeah, and I guess for a lot of skateboarders Barcelona’s a bit of a Mecca.
It reminds me of San Francisco a lot, just because you can take the bus because there’s no point in driving around. You just walk out the door take your board and get on a bus and go skate. And you know your dealing with a lot of elements; going in and out of people, cars, whatever. I think it’s skateboarding at its purest.

So have you got a particular favourite section from the video?
Well this was only the second time I saw it so I need to watch it more before I could decide. But I definitely think Guy, because it's him and looking at where his life is now you know, in more than just his skating, its just everything involved. And even if his part wasn’t very good I’d still be psyched on it for him just because he’s brought out a part. Also I think Mike Mo because I think he’s an awesome skater.

Yeah, and there hasn’t really been much coverage of mike since his "Forecast" section a few years ago and the odd photo we’d see in magazines.
Yeah, and I don’t think that "Forecast" section really did him any justice. I’ve seen the stuff he skates and he’s an awesome skater. And it’s a shame because he's often put in that group of bland skaters when really he’s not bland at all.

The intro to Fully Flared is pretty amazing, was it as dangerous to film as it looks?
It was really intense and hot. Everyone was really nervous but a few people were a little over confident, and the type of person I am; I’m always thinking negative - it's just something I do. So I could only really see bad things going on with it so I was making sure the guy was pushing the buttons at the right time. Basically a lot of preparation.

So what’s next for you then, project and skate wise?
Umm, I’d probably say the Chocolate video. We’re gonna do that and figure out whether we’re doing a separate Girl video at the same time or if we’re joining them together, but the focus will be more on Chocolate.

And take a little break maybe?
Yeah, for the next couple of weeks for sure. We've got Thanksgiving coming up so do that and a little detox for a bit after all the celebrations, and then we got Christmas. But definitely skating around a little bit and go skate Eric's park a little bit with everyone and just have fun.

Interviews with Mike Mo and Biebel will be up at Tacky soon.
Mike Carroll finally has some time to relax.
Photo: Niall Kenny
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