An interview with Dustin Dollin

Melbourne, 2/5/2006 by Sigurd Tvete
Dustin Dollin, the hammer throwing, Jäger drinking, always-smiling Australian is definitely a person who has never compromised his style, fashion or personality, no matter what the trends dictated by the global skateboard media have been. After yet another Crème de la Crème performance served by his Baker 3 video part Dollin has once again proved the reason for his status as a professional skateboarder. Sigurd Tvete interviewed Dustin in his current hometown of Melbourne.
Something that a lot of people up North probably don't know about you is that you smile a whole lot, way more than most skaters. Is the glass always half full for you?
I would not say that I am a particularly positive person, but being mopey or frowning all the time does not encourage the people around you to have fun or party. In other words, smiling a lot makes fun people surround you and considering that my religion is to have as much fun in this life as I possibly can, keeping up the glow usually creates more fucked up fun.

Staying on the subject of the good life, please describe a perfect day for you.
Wake up and have good sex with my wife and then eat a great breakfast that she has cooked. Drink a couple of beers. Go skating and get a hammer. Later I’ll go and see some great Australian band at a good bar while I’m getting wasted. Making sure I don’t get in any fights and have sex with my lady in the bathroom at the bar. Then have a party at my house where everyone has a good time.

You had one of the most impressive parts in Baker 3, were you happy with it yourself?
My part was pretty much finished about two years ago, but since we had all this extra time I got to filter it down to some of my very best tricks. I was happy with the part, but at the same time bored of all the old footage I had. The last trick in my part was about four years old.

How often do you go to USA to film and skate?
I go to the states at least five months a year. It sucks in a lot of ways, but the best thing about being there is seeing all my friends, especially since 80% of them live there. The main difference between Australia and the states relates to the term “The Land of the Free”. Americans are stuck in the illusion of the term, while in Australia it is a reality.

Speaking of which, what do you do apart from skating when you're home in Melbourne?
When I am not skating I get about a million ideas a day. Sometimes drinking mellows the ideas out and sometimes the booze multiplies them. Either way there has to be more than skating in my life because I’m injured so often.

Tell the kids about how it was growing up in Australia. (Dustin grew up in a small town in the Blue Mountains, a few hours from Sydney)
Growing up is growing up. It doesn’t really matter where you are because you don’t really know any better when you’re a kid. I knew I was poor, but that again just teaches you how to swindle money. Also, where I grew up is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And I would know; I’ve been everywhere.

What would you do if you weren't a skater?
I would have probably been a junkie by now, living on the street or be in jail. I guess I’ve just been lucky.

Very lucky indeed. Well, it’s time to list some favourites.

Favourite skater?
Lewis Marnell

Favourite band?
Voltera, my girl’s band.

Favourite city and country?
Melbourne and Australia

Favourite drink?

Favourite travel gadget?
Video camera

Favourite Australian slang word/phrase?
I’m on me rags, but you can put it in me shitter

Hehe, the infamous Aussie lingo never fails to amuse. Anyway, what are your plans for the near future?
I will try to film and edit a music video for Voltera. Perhaps I will also help out with the Australian Volcom film and help edit a Vans video.

Ok, that should keep you busy for a while so we should wrap this up. To finish, can you confirm some myths about Baker and the PDs?
Jim Greco and Reynolds are both straight now, and Reynolds and Ellington just had kids. And despite riding for flip Ali’s heart will always be with Baker and the Pissdrunx.

Final words to the Tacky crowd?
Bring bottles of Jäger to the demos, and keep on truckin’.
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