Vans Downtown Showdown Europe Results

Torino, Italy, 9/13/2009 by Victoria Barri
The very first edition of the European Vans Downtown Showdown hit Italy today and exceeded all expectations.
Vans Downtown Showdown Europe Results
Heroin Obstacle
1. Javier Menizabal, 1500 euro
2. Chris Ault, 1000 euro
3. Alain Saavedra, 800 euro

Cliché Obstacle
1. Chris Ault, 1,500 euro
2. Madars Apse, 1000
3. Ingacio Morata, 800

Blueprint Obstacle
1. Jerome Campbell, 1500 euro
2. Lucas Puig, 1000 euro
3. Nick Jensen, 800 euro

Best AM
Philippe Zwijsen, 4000 euro

Best PRO
Javier Menizabal 6000 euro

Overal teams
1. Element, 15,000 euro
2. Cliché, 10.000 euro
3. Alai, 5000 euro

Fiat Freestyle Team Best Trick/Best Slam Prize
Danny Brady, 1000 euro

Jerome Campbell and Sam Winter
The famous Lingotto Building (formerly the Fiat factory and test track) was a stunning and perfect backdrop for this unique skate jam. Taking over one side of the oval roof looking out at Torino city and the Olympic bridge, the three brightly coloured obstacles created an interesting contrast to the industrial race track. The space was limited to 300 people and those lucky enough to attend were packed around each obstacle, keen to see what the pro teams from Alai, Blueprint, Cliché, Element, Heroin, Trap could do.

Up first in the jam format - dubbed the ‘up ledgy wedgy’ by its creator Paul Shier from Blueprint, it turned out to be the most popular of the three obstacles: I wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone" A special mention goes to Jerome Campbell for his frontside flip lipslide to down.

Heroin’s offering dwarfed everyone with a 10ft pink wall ride that was adorned with a rainbow rail, extension to over vert and wallie rail. The Skaters pushed flat out to build up enough speed to get to the top of it, which only a few managed. Chris Ault stunned everyone by dropping in and also received the biggest cheer for finally landing the pole jam off the wallie rail. Alai rider, Alain Saavendra may have just invented a new trick, which Ben Powell from Sidewalk magazine has named the ‘yippie jump’.

Cliché’s ‘mushroom’ took up residence in the middle of the course and was decorated in a red brick pattern which was sessioned as the sun set behind the Torino mountains.
Chris Ault pulled transfer after transfer and Madars Apse’s 360 deserves a special mention as well as Phil Zwijsen’s ollie nose grind to nollie out.

Tony Alva and Ray Barbee were the special US guests alongside the legendary Steve Van Doren who pleased the Vans fans by giving away signed t-shirts to a huge queue of spectators.

The ‘bolla’ accommodated the live web feed and production crew which was hosted by the ever charismatic Marc Churchill who said:The competition was phenomenal and was the ultimate comp to show versatility between teams and riders. Having three different obstacles designed by the three teams gives the comp a completely different feel to the usual format”
The webcast went out on all local Vans sites, check (Europe) for the up coming podcasts.

Special thanks to FIAT, Epiphone, IgnoRamps, Red Bull, Fassiosnao, Nastro Azzurro. Steve Van Doren, Kristy Van Doren, Tony Alva and Ray Barbee for joining us across Europe. The judges Danny Wainwright, Nic Powley, Raul Fernandez, David Couliau, Alexis Jauzion. Alai, Blueprint, Cliché, Element, Heroin and Trap and all the skaters.
Javier Menizabal
Tony Alva, Steve Van Doren and Ray Barbee
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