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Karl Watson Interview

San Francisco, USA, 12/31/2008
It's New Year's Eve and to end 2008 on a very positive note we caught up with Karl Watson for a quick interview. Happy New Year and let one of your resolutions be to have the same outlook on life as Karl.
Zach & Walker's Concrete Jungle just premiered, how has the reception been?
The premiere was so nice and people really liked the video. I feel all of Kayo is here to fill a void in the skateboard industry and our teams and every company from Kayo has been organically grown. And Zack & Walker's Concrete Jungle is an expression of this synchronization.

Are you stoked on your bit in it?
I like what I have in the video but the focus is mainly on Zach Lyons and Walker Ryan. Adelmo and Quim have some awesome stuff and we had a lot more too, but we wanted to let the world know about our newest Organikans.

Who's part is your favourite?
I love everybody's stuff but I am really feeling Quim's new footy.

What was your goal for the film?
Well, when I film for any part my main goal is originality. I like to have very different tricks that aren't common.

You're involved in a lot of other projects apart from just skating these days, how often do you actually get to go skating?
I get to go skate almost every day but when you have lots on your plate your skate time can often get cut in half. So I do a lot of skating early in the morning or late at night.

What is the Hood Games?
The Hood Games was created in hopes of getting more under-privileged children into this beautiful art form that we all call skateboarding. We have had 15 events in the last three years and plan on spreading our positive message to the whole globe. Eventually we would like to make The Hood Games a brand so supporting the youth will come easier. Organika even made a Hoodgames deck, which a portion of the proceeds go to the building of the Oakland skatepark, and hopefully more skateparks around the world as we grow.

You are the definition of chill and relaxed line skating, what do you think about the insane hammers most kids thing they have to do to be sponsored these days?
I love what the new generation is doing, these young rippers are bringing skateboarding to the next level. It's the same as the EMB era; we were at the forefront of the new and helped skateboarding get to were it is now.

Is it important to reduce your ecological footprint, what does Organika do to protect the environment?
This is where I really feel that Organika shines. I know a lot of companies like to flaunt how organic their brands our, but behind the scenes they are far from it. Starting with the team, Organikans genuinely care about the planet. Every pro on the team drives a Prius, and goes far out of there way to improve life of themselves and others on this planet. I thought it was funny, in Concrete Jungle credits, Eric Lesar and Matt Daughters put in a clip of me picking up trash at this spot on treasure island. I didn't even know I was being filmed.

Past that, Organika as the company is working constantly to find out newer and more beneficial ways of deck production that will lessen the footprint left to the world. We were one of the first to stop using Chromium in our glue, which helps tremendously. We also demanded that we only use selectively cut areas of forest which are then repopulated, to cut down significantly on the deforestation issue.Basically anything where we can make improvements to benefit the world through our brand, we will do it.

It's Christmas at the moment, what's the Watson family traditions?
Well, we open presents in the morning, play with the toys and then Dad likes to go skate spots that aren't usually skate able.

Have you and Ray Barbee ever had a smile-a-thon?
What a funny question. I would have to say yes though. The last time I saw Mr. Barbee was at skate camp, and as usual, I fanned out on him. He smiled, I smiled and we made all in attendance smile as well.

What else do you want to say to our readers?
All life is one life. And we are all travellers of infinite presence. Organika baby. One love. Peace.

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