Cale Nuske Interview

Adelaide, Australia, 9/2/2008 by Doosie Morris
First to say hello to Tacky is one of South Australia's greatest exports since Coopers Ale, Cale Nuske. After a few months away in Europe and The States, he's back at home in Adelaide and this what he has to say for himself.... Interview for our Australian site
Cale posing for a Cliché class photo.
Photo: Andy Walker
Where are you and what have you been up to lately?
I'm just back in Adelaide, Australia at the moment chilling and resting on a fractured foot, it's cold and shitty, but it's home you know. I just got back from a month in France chilling with the Cliché team and then I did three weeks in The States doing a trip around the US with the éS team. All was chill and it's always dope to catch up with everyone.

How are you feeling about your Deja Vu part and what do you have up your sleeve for the full release later this year?
I don't really watch my own parts but I saw it a couple of times and I thought it looked cool, I was more into other parts in the video and I liked watching J.B's part and Charles' part. I got a bit of stuff at the moment for my new cliché part and hopefully in a week I can get back on the shred stick and get a bunch more stuff and have a good part..

You've just spent a few months on the road, how's that been going and where do you call 'home' these days?
Yeah I just spent about two months away, I had a dope ass time and it's always good to catch up with everyone and cause some ruckus. I've always lived in Adelaide and still do, I just chill here for a month or two then go away for a month or two, it's good to come home and see family, friends and the girlfriend. I'll probably always do the back and forth, you gotta rep your city, haha.

Cale Nuske -Back heel
Photo: Andy Walker
How are all your injuries holding up, how many surgeries have you had and what is body saying about skating these days?
I've had a few surgeries on my knees and one on my ankle, some breaks and fractures as well but all in all my body feels pretty good for the amount of crap I put it through. I guess I gotta just make sure I do all the right things to get them better and shit normally works out. It's cold as and shit at the moment cause it's winter so my body gets a little stiff and sore from time to time but I wouldn't turn the clock back for nothin'..

How does it feel to be one of two Aussies on an exclusively Euro team?
It's dope, I never really see it as a Euro company cause you see it everywhere and skating is a big family so people just fit in and do their thing. It's dope to have Brophy on the team for sure, he is a dope person to chill with on and off the board. Oh, he is getting married by the way so congratulations to him, I cant wait to get messy at your wedding mate!

How do you compare the skate scenes/communities around the globe given your extensive travels?
I think it's roughly the same 'cause where ever you go you just get in and go skating and chill, the vibe is always different and the people too but that's what makes travelling wicked mate. I just try to have a good time where ever I go and make the most of it.

Shout outs....
I just wanna say holla to the ICCC biatches...

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